SF Assault on Haiti

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Jul 22 2006 12 mins   4
In 1994, President Clinton prepared to launch an invasion of Haiti (then led by the brutal General Cedras). The goal was to remove General Cedras and put President Aristide back into power. The following military preparations were made (each of these is discussed in depth in the episode):
  • 2 Aircraft Carriers containing air support, special operations, and the 10th Mountain Division were afloat just outside of Haiti.
  • US Marines were on landing craft ready to land on the island.
  • 82nd Airborne Paratroopers were at North Carolina Air Base ready to drop into Haiti.
  • Navy Seals were prepared to invade and/or were already on the island of Haiti.
Clinton's diplomatic team (consisting of President Jimmy Carter, General Colin Powell, and Senator Sam Nunn) were sent to Haiti earlier in the day and managed to get Cedras to step down 30 minutes before the planned invasion. Operation Uphold Democracy was then initiated to keep the peace in Haiti.

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