Falklands War (1982)

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Jun 29 2007 18 mins   5
The Falklands War is one of the few modern wars between two modern adversaries (in this case, Argentina and Britain). The war was over the Falkland Islands, off of the southeastern coast of Argentina which Britain held and Argentina claimed.

General Leopold Galtieri, leader of Argentina, decided to act because he needed something to justify his military government. He launched Operation Azul to successfully capture the islands. Margaret Thatcher, leader of Britain, decided to respond militarily.
  • Air War: Operation Black Buck (UK) conducts air raids against Argentinean targets. Argentina attempts to respond with its own air force but fails.
  • Sea War: ARA General Belgrano is sunk by the HMS Conqueror (the first and only nuclear submarine kill in history). The HMS Sheffield is sunk by an Exocet missile.
  • Ground War: SAS conducts successful raid against Pebble Island Airfield. Main Royal Marines force lands in East Falkland Islands and defeats Argentinean defenders at Goose Green, Top Malo, Mount Harriet, Two Sisters Ridge, Mount Longdon, Wireless Ridge, Tumbledown. British retake capital city of Stanley. Argentina surrenders.
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