Sexually Curious... What Men Want to Ask A Sex Therapist._ Episode 19 🅴

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Jun 19 2020 44 mins   9
Men are curious and want to know many things about sexuality and how sex works for their partner. In this episode, Doug Gustafson, Men's Coach asks Leslie the many questions men wonder about including:

"Why does sex have to be so hard and complicated?"
"Why does my wife never seem to initiate sex?'
"What can I do about my anger and frustration around being sexually rejected?"
"I have a huge sex drive and my wife doesn't, now what?"
"How come I can't always tell if my wife has had an orgasm and what can I do?"

Many other topics and questions arose during the talk including:

The difference between men's and women's sexual fantasies and sexual desire.
What is underneath men's sexual frustration and the personal and relational "fix" for it.
The role of fear of not getting sexual needs met and men's sex "drive".
"Does pornography work as an antidote to a difference in sexual desire?"
How couples can work through and negotiate their sexual life in all it's nuance.
Why men's pursuit of their partners often fails.
The truth about "sexual incompatibility" and what to do.

The episode takes an unexpected in the latter part of the episode when Doug asks
about why affairs happen and if men (and women) can get the passion back after the affair and how A rich dialogue that will likely surface again in a future episode was begun.

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