S1 E1 'Think Church Is Creepy? I Sympathise!' (feat Carrie White from 'Carrie')

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Jun 20 2020 35 mins   55

"Think Church is Creepy? I Sympathise!"
Season One - Episode One

Wohoo! We're getting all modern and posting our services to the world wide webster! So now, you can join us at Creepy Cove Community Church. 

In this, our first ever 'episode', we hear some exciting news about our lovely young member, Carrie White! We also interview our new pastor Peter Laws and specifically ask him if he has come to shut our horror church down (heaven forbid!). 

Peter shares a talk about how he grew up thinking church was weird and irrelevant and how he assumed God was there to ruin his life! So, what changed? He shares something of his journey here.

We also hear a delightful hymn from our worship band, The Romeros.   

We do hope you enjoy listening to our first ever 'broadcast'! Do subscribe for more episodes!

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