Episode 041 - Tim Bauer 🅴

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Jun 21 2020 61 mins   3

Guten Tag! The Geoholics have broken down the Geo Wall and are taking Germany by storm! Tim Bauer, the Head of Geo AI (Artificial Intelligence) for Supper und Supper, joins us from Berlin. We had a spirited chat about the role AI currently plays in the world around us and the effects it could have on our future. Tim tells us about Pointly, a software he is helping to develop and implement for automatic classification and segmentation of data points and objects in 3D point clouds. A little known fact about Tim is that he was the proud winner of a first grade reading competition...before everyone got a trophy. Guess what…the US Survey foot is going away…I swear! Producer Jake is selling everything and living on a sailboat. Big Shoots has not slept in a week resulting in a retraction and Dilfy Dilf is convinced the world is headed off the rails and he too is considering minimalism. Please continue to support local small businesses. Music for this episode by SUMA!