2020-Jun 23, Tuesday - Coronavirus A Proven Hoax, But Democrats And Fauci Call For Shutdown And Masks To Continue 🅴

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Jun 24 2020 177 mins   64
It’s an action-packed War Room which includes the announcement of an anti-mask protest happening in Austin, Texas this Sunday at the Texas State Capitol building. More information can be found at wecantbreathe.news Great guests include the latest hero from Project Veritas Zach McElroy and Brandon Straka who was kicked off an airplane for refusing to wear a mask. Tom Pappert responds to a ridiculous notion lobbied by Owen Shroyer, wiping his butt with Mayer Adler’s latest mandatory mask order until August 15th. All that with more news and callers.


Brandon Straka

Zach McElroy

Tom Pappert