2020-Jun 24, Wednesday - Bombshell: Face Mask Proven To Be Detrimental To Personal Health And Well-Being 🅴

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Jun 24 2020 177 mins   68
Big league broadcast on today’s War Room. Owen Shroyer proves in live time with air quality monitors that the masks are actually dangerous to wear, and when you do where them you are breathing toxic air that is dangerous for humans to breathe. Must see and share video. Great guests joined the broadcast including recently banned from internet platforms Gavin McInnes and Carpe Donktum. Joey Gibson joins the broadcast with an update from the Northwest. The Bubba Smollet Wallace hate hoax fully exposed, but the left won’t give it up. More details are announced for Sunday’s rally in Austin, Texas.


Gavin McInnes

Carpe Donktum

Joey Gibson