Finding Confidence in Conflict (Complimentary Course Sample)

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Feb 18 2020 14 mins   6

A special gift just for you! This episode is a sample of our Negotiate Anything: Finding Confidence in Conflict Online Course.

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Have you ever avoided having a difficult conversation because of fear or anxiety?

Have you ever found yourself failing to say what needed to be said in the moment?

Do you struggle to persuade, influence, and manage conflict at work or in your business?

“The best things in life are on the other side of difficult conversations.”

In order to live our best lives, we need to negotiate to get what we deserve.

But here’s a secret: when it comes to effective negotiation and conflict resolution, knowing what to do is only half the battle. This is nothing without the confidence to execute. 

That’s where the Negotiate Anything: Finding Confidence in Conflict online course comes into play. This isn’t just a negotiation course, it’s a confidence course.

We’ve created this popular and highly rated 8-week course using our experience teaching at the law school and MBA level course and after years of surveying thousands of our podcast listeners and workshop participants throughout the world. This allowed us to create an incredibly powerful program that speaks directly to your biggest concerns.

After you finish this course you will know what to say, when to say it, and how to say it for maximum persuasion. Most importantly, you will have the confidence you need to take action when the time is right.

In other words, you’ll have the skills and confidence you need to get what you deserve at work or in your business. This will help you to become the leader and negotiator you always dreamed you could be.

What Do You Get?

  1. Stronger negotiation skills and the confidence to use them when it matters most.
  2. Powerful new negotiation strategies and tactics fueled by cutting edge psychological research and vivid case studies.
  3. A certificate from the American Negotiation Institute to validate yourself as a skilled and experienced negotiator and leader.


Course Syllabus

Length: 8-Weeks


  • Developing a Confident Mindset
  • The American Negotiation Institute Negotiation System
  • Creating a Powerful Personalized Negotiation Style
  • Advanced Persuasive Strategies
  • Conflict Resolution and Hostile Negotiations
  • Advanced Communication Strategies
  • How to Prepare for Success
  • Conversational Analysis: 5 Recorded Negotiations with Breakdowns (Just like the sparring sessions on the Negotiate Anything Podcast)

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