RANE Insights: COVID-19 What Makes Conspiracy Theories go Viral

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Jun 25 2020 37 mins   52

In this Episode of the RANE Insights podcast series, RANE Founder and Chief Collaborative Officer, David Lawrence convenes a roundtable of experts to discuss the origin, virality and consistency of conspiracy theories.

As the COVID-19 virus has proliferated across the globe, so too has the spread of conspiracy theories purporting to explain the virus’ creation and purpose, ranging from theories about Bill Gates to the virus being a US bioweapon. Amid an environment filled with mistrust and uncertainty, the pandemic has provided a perfect breeding ground that enables niche conspiracies to circulate rapidly and even move into the mainstream, which is resulting in behavioral changes that are risking health and safety around the world. RANE experts will share their insights on why conspiracy theories go viral amid a pandemic and how to formulate corporate responses that can stem the spread of disinformation.

David Broniatowski, Director of the Decision Making and Systems Architecture Laboratory, George Washington University

Robert Ludke | Senior Consultant, ENODO

Dr. Scott Shumate, Founder of Valutare

Matthew Siegel, CMO and Head of Global Client Group, Aperture Investors