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Dec 09 2019 43 mins   1

A variety of places in the world have recently moved towards
equality for LGBTQI+ people – from the legalization of gay marriage to the
focus on equality from many major corporate entities, things seem to be slowly
getting better. But what about the travel world? Has social progress led to better
travel conditions for LGBTQI+ travelers? My guests today are Dr. Clifford Lewis
from Charles Sturt University and Dr. Faith Ong from the University of
Queensland. Clifford and Faith have been studying LGBTQI+ travel in Australia
and Singapore for the past several years. I caught up with them at the TTRA international
conference in Melbourne this summer to talk about the issues that LGBTQI+
travelers face, including being lumped together as if they are one homogeneous
group. They also discuss what you can do as a traveler to be an ally on the