Ep 21: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Zapheria Bell

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May 11 2020 74 mins   1
What a delicous and lush conversation! Zapheria service is so incredible and she just radiates wisdom and love so freely and powerfully. Lots to enjoy in this episode. 1. How life self organises for you where everything just happens. 2. How you can use your womb to magnetise. 3. Sharings on parenting sensitive children and how we can best guide them. 4. How to stay in a love frequency and not succumb to the fear in the world around us. 5. Being seen and how you can start to be yourself and get out of your own way. ...Oh and how we can start to raise the frequency of the planet, so juicy! About Zapheria Bell - Womb Activation To Step Into Your Feminine Power She’s so cosmic she’s elusive. She’s so deeply grounded she oozes Gaia. She’s breathtakingly courageous, conscious and celestial. She’s like a panther who effortlessly cruises through life with a certainty and grace. Her wisdom of the womb is worshipable. Her approach to life, leadership and love is profound. Her ability to embody humility is arousing. Her natural magnetic capability to captivate and bring together epic people impressive. Yet in all that it’s her congruency and commitment to how she shows up that cracks my heart open. It is such an honour to have the gifted Zapheria Bell on the show. Zapheria is the CEO of Womb Spiral, Leader facilitator and co director of The Spiral, a soon to be author, a channel and soul midwife.