Ep 4: The Hedonistic Way Show- Guest Dr Ricci Jane Adams

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Jan 17 2020 47 mins   2
One of my favourite spiritual teachers of this time! Oodles to absorb in this episode. 1. How suffering is optional. 2. The difference between giving yourself permission to FEEL and suffering. 3. How our path is the same and we choose whether it's painful or pleasureable. 4. How the universal laws are changing and why. 5. Why you need to take action on the whispers early. ... and the juice just kept following! About Ricci-Jane Adams. Always elated when I connect with this incredible Leader. Her words resonate deep within me and I am sure they will for you as well. She is someone who exudes fierceness, well-rounded clarity and soooo uber congruent in all that she does. She is such a gift to this world with how she has created a space where fierce womxn to stand together in redefining spirituality and how we view intuition. Breeding exuberant powerhouses of the highest calibre who are agents of helping others meeting their fear and stepping into their true paths we were destined to take. Although she is someone who has the air of a queen, this natural and totally organic way she projects authority, knowing and strength, yet is also the most grounded, connected and humble person I know. This womxn is the creator and principal of The Institute for Intuitive Intelligence and is the one and only Ricci-Jane Adams.