37 — Chukat-Balak: Flamiroads the Assspooking Angel

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Jul 02 2020 53 mins   12

This week, we tag the parsha like a fanfic (with Major Character Death), treat Biblical poetry like commercial jingles, and conclude that Moshe can't lead anymore because he wouldn't abolish the police and thus isn't a comrade. Plus, there's an annoyed angel who Jaz wants to be friends with, and a posthumous punishment that Lulav disagrees with for unexpected reasons.

Full transcript here.

We discussed some of the conversations around defunding the police; New York just voted on its budget, which Mayor Bill De Blasio claims met activists demands to defund the NYPD by $1 billion, but in reality, a sizable chunk of that is just moving money around. We also talked about Avatar; the Last Airbender, which you can watch on Netflix now! The story of Onkelos talking with Titus and Balaam can be found in Gittin 56b and 57a. You can also check out Friends at the Table, the podcast with very long timescales that we discuss at the end of the episode, and follow it on Twitter @Friends_Table.

Content notes: non-graphic discussion of deaths of Miriam and Aaron from 11:24-13:55. non-graphic discussion of cities being destroyed and conquered from to 21:04-28:25, religiously motivated murder from 41:50-42:28, moderately gross and NSFW reference involving bodily fluids from 45:20-45:50.

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