87 - Understanding the French Election

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May 04 2017 144 mins   1
The Phileas Club 87 - Understanding the French Election

On this episode we talk about:
The French elections and political climate:
[0:11:30] Pierre's view, right wing perspective
[0:18:00] Cassim's view, left wing perspective (with lots of interruptions!)
[0:54:40] Patrick's view, with a bit of anger and frustration. :)
[1:06:20] Free for all! AKA: The Best Part

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More info on the show:
The hosts are Cassim Ketfi (@NotCassim), Pierre Schweitzer (@Schweitzer_P) and Patrick Beja (@NotPatrick)
The theme is by Daniel Beja (@misterdanielb), his amazing royalty free music is at MusicinCloud.com

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