Ep# 32 Listener Q&A: Come To Your Senses

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Jul 01 2020 31 mins   2

YOU DID IT!! 40 Days To Freedom From Alcohol. In the episode, I recap the journey and answer a couple listener's questions all coming back to the same real answer: observation and rewiring the brain from the place of an inspired future.

I hope you enjoyed this sacred journey and will consider continuing to implement this work into all areas of your life. Alcohol is a habit, until it's not, but it doesn't happen on it's own, it takes work. I don't look at it as something unfortunate, my alcohol journey changed my life for the better, in every single way.

I would not have the level of awareness I have without what I have gone through, this is true for all of my clients. Today we talk about the power of the present. The only way to shift of from the dreaded future, or negative thought loops is to interrupt the circuit again and again. You MUST practice a new way of thinking. This isn't a one size fits all as some coaches talk about. It happens in the mind and body at the same time. To neglacted then embodied experiance of our lives is to do a disservice to the ways in which change is possible.

This weeks self inquiry:
What are the benefits you are still seeing from alcohol?
How can you disprove them?
If you know it's a BS habit, what's stopping you from diving in?
What's the worst that can happen if you are confronted with yourself face to face?
In a year from now, how will you feel if you are still waking up with regret and fretting about alcohol?
What do you want your life to FEEL like?
Who are you and what do you stand for?
What area's have of your life do you have more awareness about?

Dance your way sober, yes, you can chant your way alcohol free. You can think your way sober too.. But ALL of these practices come from a place of neutral observation, witnessing the mind without judgement. Enjoy the show. So much love, Mary
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