S1 E2 - 'The Power of Vulnerability' (feat Dr. Herbert West from 'Re-Animator' + 'The Evil Dead' Prayer time)

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Jul 04 2020 39 mins   35

'The Power of Vulnerability' (with Dr. Herbert West from 'Re-Animator')
Season One, Episode Two

In this episode, Rupert shares some sad news, but we also welcome a delightful young doctor in training, Herbert West, who has a very generous offer for everyone in the town of Creepy Cove. 

Mr. Spuggy shares a Bible reading, and Peter Laws speaks to us on the power of vulnerability. Taking his cue from Nehemiah in the Bible, Peter reminds us how easy it is to hide our true self...and how liberating it can be when we take off the mask. Not a hockey mask. He's talking metaphorically.

We spend a moment of prayerful rejection with The Evil Dead, before our worship band lead us in the song 'I Can't Do This.'

We look forward to you joining us for this lovely service! 

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