Season 4 – Episode 28 – Coffee Break French

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Coming up in this lesson: Mark and Pierre-Benoît are back with another episode of Coffee Break French, this time working through Matthieu’s latest email to Gabrielle. As usual the email is rich in complex grammatical structures and idiomatic expressions, and through further examples and clear explanations, our two hosts will help you understand everything. Points covered in this episode include using the subjunctive after avoir peur que and craindre que, and lots more. In the opening section, Mark also mentions his new year’s resolutions to learn Swedish and to record a song each day of the year and publish it on his personal blog. Listen to the lesson Accessing the Premium Version The premium version of Coffee Break French Season 4 provides additional materials which will help you move forward more effectively with your French studies. The premium version includes the following elements: Language Study audio show: in this bonus audio recording we provide a full analysis of the language used in each lesson. Presented in French and English, Pierre-Benoît and Mark will help you to get to grips with all the language covered in the main lesson, and provide further examples of the idiomatic expressions and grammar concepts covered;Transcripts and notes: since so much French is used in this season’s recordings, we’ve decided to include a full transcript of both the main audio lesson and the Language Study lesson. We’ve included vocabulary and language notes to help you master the language more effectively. The members’ version can be accessed through our membership system. You can purchase the course using the links below. Please note that the lessons are published on a regular basis and you will have access to the materials as soon as they are published. Think of this as a “Season Pass”. Season 4 Complete, lessons 400-440 (£79.00 GBP inc VAT / approx $112 USD ex VAT for non EU customers)Season 4A, lessons 401-420 (£47.00 GBP inc VAT / approx $67 USD ex VAT for non EU customers)Season 4B, lessons 421-440 (£47.00 GBP inc VAT / approx $67 USD ex VAT for non EU customers) Subscribe links Subscribe in iTunes RSS Feed Purchase members’ audio and transcripts