2020-Jul 08, Wednesday - Next Phase Of Covid Tyranny Ahead As Deep State Globalists Sex Trafficking Revealed 🅴

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Jul 09 2020 177 mins   66
A loaded transmission for today covers all of the latest developing news and current events with a loaded slate of powerful guests. Elijah Schaffer joins to talk about the madness in the coverage of Covid including CNN describing a covid tornado. Peggy Hall joins to discuss her research into the science, or cover up of the science, when it comes to coronavirus and the effectiveness of the mask. Harrison Smith breaks down a bombshell video of a Democrat Senator instigating and promoting the violence that landed one man in a coma. Jacob Engels back on the War Room to discuss the latest banning of Roger Stone’s last accounts on FAcebook and Instagram. More health experts are coming forward explaining the lies and cover up of the coronavirus outbreaks. ALso, has another radical leftist been caught faking a hate crime?


Elijah Schaffer

Peggy Hall

Jacob Engels