38 — Pinchas: Dating, Death Prep, and Decadence

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Jul 09 2020 52 mins   14

This week, we get some delightful gay personal news for both co-hosts on the podcast, learn about five sisters who change inheritance law, and derive prison abolition from the Torah's penchant for repetition. Plus, advice and perplexion on how to raise people to be Jewish, complaints about Yehoshua being a narc, and waaayyy too many bulls sacrificed.

Full transcript here.

Lulav's friend Khesed joined us for episode 15 — Bo: G-d Has Needs Too!!!. Around 19 minutes in, Lulav references the "Four Horsemen type people," who are Christopher Hitchens, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and Daniel Dennett, who were the face of the New Atheist movement. The didactic story Jaz tells around 41 minutes in about a rabbi warmly greeting each person who comes with the same news can be found here. You can find your local bail fund here. You can check out some of Mariame Kaba's work at TransformHarm.org, and follow her on Twitter @prisonculture.

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