Digitizing SUP!

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Jul 10 2020 49 mins   4
This episode features the creator of PADDLE LOGGER which is consistently the most regularly recommended tracker app amongst stand-up paddlers worldwide. We recently put together a list of the most useful apps that we use, on and off the water, and David Walker's https://paddlelogger.com/ (PADDLE LOGGER) was the simplest and most useful tracker in the collection. He tells the story of how it all started down at Exeter University in the UK where he was studying. After his degree he went on to work in research on http://www.sarong.global/ (Sarong) - the unusual and fascinating science of ocean glitter! In this episode we chat a bit about virtual competitions, competing apps, digital flares, virtual film festivals and of course... SUP. The glue that binds us all together. Technology affects every area of our lives and a folder of recommended apps for stand up paddling is a vital part of planning and recording your sessions. We've reviewed 14 of the best sites and apps and by signing up to our email list you can get this essential list of digital must-haves for FREE! We've covered all our favourite trackers, safety apps, weather planning tools and sea traffic services. Sign up today at https://www.supfm.show/ (https://www.supfm.show) Thanks for listening and we'll see you on the water! -Nick & Simon Support this podcast