Coronavirus | A Cousin's Death | Coping With The Inability To Be At Your Loved One's Deathbed

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May 03 2020 23 mins   1

In Episode 22, Dianne M. Daniels shares her experience surrounding her cousin Alexis' death to Covid-19. We also discuss how those who weren't able to be at the deathbed of their loved one can deal with the anger, guilt and impotency they feel because of the current situation.

Additional Notes:

Learn EFT by visiting Brad Yates' youtube channel. His videos on Overwhelm, Guilt, Forgiving Yourself, and Regret will also help you.

Navy Seals breathing exercise to calm you, decrease anxiety.

Get my free book The 21 Things You Must Know About the Grieving Process by completing the form and you'll receive an email with link to obtain it.

Blessings to the Daniels and Williams families as they grieve the death of Alexis.

Be well, be safe. xoxo