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Jul 14 2020 76 mins   13
For our tribute to the late, great British actor Ian Holm, we came around to his role as Ash in 1979’s Alien. If you haven’t seen Ridley Scott’s original Alien by now…well, we can probably forgive you. After all, its intense and exciting sequel (Aliens) is where most of us have spent the majority of our Alien-watching hours. Nevertheless, there is nothing to criticize about this incredible film, which set the stage for a franchise that shows no signs of stopping today. With one glance at the cast list, it should go without saying that this is an incredibly well-acted movie, and Ian Holm’s powerful-yet-understated performance is among the top of the ensemble. We were sooo happy to finally have a good excuse to revisit this landmark film. The post Alien appeared first on 2 Guys & A Chainsaw.