Episode 42- Cabin in the Woods 🅴

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Jul 14 2020 65 mins   2

On this week's episode, the guys deconstruct horror movies with the hit horror-comedy, The Cabin in the Woods.

Pete explains what it takes to make a horror movie, and why studio interference almost always ends with someone getting "axed". Also, he discusses the relationship between the audience and the movie-makers, and why hardcore fans tend to get a little too "Misery" at times.

Kevin develops a healthy new paranoia for middle-aged government drones watching and controlling his life. He also examines the long standing character tropes that make up a slasher movie, and why blood and boobs will always make money.

Finally, the guys share a special love for the actor, Fran Kranz. That is all, Fran Kranz is a delight. Don't get too scared...