Corona-Warn-App Update with Malte Janduda

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Jul 09 2020 30 mins   3

The Corona Warn App, Germany’s contact tracing app to fight the spread of COVID-19, went live mid June 2020. Roughly three weeks have passed since then, and we thought we’d give you another update and some more insider knowledge from our colleague from SAP Munich: Malte Janduda.

We’ve already known Malte for a long time – Sven first worked and experimented with Malte for commerce and hardware prototypes many years back, when IoT was still the new kid on the block. At this point in time, Malte was still a working student. But since 2019, Malte is back at SAP Munich and is now involved heavily with various software architecture projects.

We’re super happy that we have a well known colleague and friend close by us here in Munich and are excited to share some updates directly from a team member of the development team of the Corona Warn App.


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