Episode 14 Dads

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Jul 10 2020 23 mins   2

What about the Dads? Its a question that frequently crops up at the maternity Whose Shoes workshops & one I have been asked to talk about. So this week's Episode is all about Dads. (Yes, I know not all partners are male , and some women are single parents & yes,  I will come on to discuss these in future episodes bear with me!)

A useful resource you might like to explore is Dadpad https://thedadpad.co.uk/ I mention it in the episode & we have some hard copies at my work that were donated to us. Of course there are lots of other resources you could choose to use but this gives you a taste.
You can find out more about me on Twitter @FWmaternity please check out #MatExp matexp.org.uk for ideas about how to improve maternity experience.

My beautiful artwork is thank to Anna Geyer www.newpossibilities.co.uk