The Zan and Jordan Show - Episode 3

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Jun 17 2020 99 mins   6

The Zan and Jordan Show - Episode 3

Motivation, Meaning, & Passing the Torch

With Zan Perrion and Jordan Luke Collier
“There’s no reason to exist if you’re not seeking the presence of beauty.” ~ Zan Perrion

“Every bird in the sky, every last decision made in some Mongol wars 800 years ago, had to happen as it did, for this perfection to be as it is right now.” ~ Jordan Luke Collier
In this episode, we sit in more questions than answers…

-- What is motivation and where does it come from?

-- Are beauty and a ‘heart-cracked-open sense of belonging’ peak experiences? Or lower-level human needs?

-- Are our heroes journeys undertaken to bring solace to our younger selves… or for some other reason entirely?

Zan and I finish the episode without full consensus, without total clarity, and asking you to help us answer the questions!

Reflecting on this episode and everything else happening in the world, a new manifesto for today’s man in the upcoming ‘chaotic decade’ is on its way.
Resources mentioned in this episode:

‘Stealing Fire’, by Jamie Wheal & Steven Kotler

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