S1 E3 - 'Don't Let Fear Run Your Life' (feat. Mr. Straker and Ralphie Glick from 'Salem's Lot' )

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Jul 18 2020 37 mins   21

'Don't Let Fear Run Your Life!'
Season One - Episode Two

In tonight's episode we start with an exciting invitation (though we understand some of you in the church aren't keen).

Next, we hear some sad (and messy news) about our church cleaner. We also welcome Mr. Straker to our congregation. The church is helping to sponsor the grand opening of Barlow and Straker Antiques in town, so it's lovely to have him join us. Even if he is a little abrupt (only kidding, Mr. Straker! ho ho)

Little Ralphie Glick shares our Bible reading, and then in Peter's talk, he encourages us to not let fear run our lives. He also shares something that scared him in Florida, which is amusing, as many of us hear in the Cove thought it was not scary at all, when we went on our big Florida trip last winter. But anyway...we do not judge you Peter - and thanks for the encouragement!

Our church pianist, (the renowned composer John Russell) plays during our meditation and prayer, then our band close the service by leading us in a tender new song that was written especially for this service - 'I'm Scared of Werewolves'.

We do hope you enjoy our 'broadcast'! Do subscribe for more episodes, or join the congregation for even more shivers!

This episode is dedicated to the memory of our thirsty cleaner Shawna Brokenbridge (1988 - 2020) See you on the other side, Shawna!

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