#20 Pilot Talk - Interview with Viktor and Maria the pilot(s)

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Jul 20 2020 66 mins   3

In May 2020 we sat down with Maria the pilot and Viktor, two Alumni from OSM Aviation Academy who are First Officers on the Boeing 737. They live together in sunny Spain and have a tremendous following on Instagram and YouTube. In their channels, they share videos with insights about what it is like to work as a pilot, as well as fantastic tutorials on how professional pilots operate a jet.

In this episode, we focus on their story, from when they first met in high school, through their time at flight school and into the airline world. We also made sure to ask them all of the fantastic questions you guys submitted before this episode was recorded, so this one is sure to become an all-time favorite.

If you like this episode we recommend that you follow Maria (@MariaThePilot) and Viktor (@ViktorFors) on Instagram and subscribe to their YouTube channel (Mr. & Mrs. Pilot). You will definitely learn a lot about flying and the lifestyle of a pilot.