Ep. 80: Dr. Debra A. Krodman-Collins - Lizard Brain, Wizard Brain

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Jul 15 2019 46 mins   1

Rarely in a curriculum while learning, we ask children where they feel their emotions in their own bodies and whether those feeling change as their emotions change. Children who feel safe to tackle challenges, assured that they have the skills they need and are comfortable to seek help when needed, do well in school and life. Though in its early stage, research in contemplative studies and mindfulness practices is beginning to show a promising impact of such training on children’s emotional regulation and self-control.

On this episode school psychologist, Debra A. Krodman-Collins, Ph.D., NSCP, RYT, co-author of S.T.O.P. and Relax; a yoga-based curriculum, will discuss how to use yoga-based self-calming techniques for school-aged children to conquer their primitive lizard brain with the wizardry of executive function. With focused and intentional effort to connect mind and body, one can master the mechanism that governs Executive Function.

About Debra A. Krodman-Collins, Ph.D., NSCP, RYT
Debra Krodman-Collins is a Florida licensed psychologist, Nationally Certified School Psychologist, and Registered Yoga Teacher. Prior to her 30 years with Florida’s Broward County Schools, Dr. Collins served in Bermuda with the Child Development Project, Ministry of Education, and Education Planning Team. She taught psychology as an adjunct professor at Bermuda College and at Broward College. Dr. Collins’ work includes diagnostic evaluation of children’s learning and behavior, interventions to promote students’ progress, and trainings for psychologists, teachers, counselors and parents. She is co-author of S.T.O.P. and Relax.  This yoga-based curriculum equips teachers or therapists to use visual cues and physical exercises to teach self-calming to children with developmental disabilities such as autism.  The forthcoming book Stories of School Yoga: Narratives from the Field, expected from SUNY Press in September 2019, includes a chapter discussing her work. Most recently Dr. Collins has focused on training students and staff to support self-regulation of attention, emotions, and behavior.   Dr. Collins has conducted workshops for national and international conferences, including the Autism Society of America, Learning & the Brain, the Young Child Expo & Conference, and the International Conference on Autism, Intellectual Disability & Developmental Disabilities.



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