Ep. 78: Kathleen Kryza - Examining the Struggle

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Jul 01 2019 41 mins   1

One shouldn’t be discouraged by the fact that learning is full of struggles as these struggles are inherent to the process of gathering facts, acquiring new knowledge, and gaining vivid insights. However, the struggles that go beyond a certain threshold built into learning should be examined and responded to. On this episode, author, life-long learner, and experienced educator, Kathleen Kryza, discusses the relationship between student struggles and the incorporation of brain-based differentiated instruction and cooperative learning to elevate the learner experience.

About Kathleen Kryza
Kathleen Kryza is a life-long learner, an experienced educator and an outstanding presenter/coach/consultant. Kathleen is passionate, informed and committed to bringing the best educational practices to educators and parents so that they can help ALL children succeed.

Kathleen is co-author of “Transformative Teaching: Changing Classroom Culturally, Emotionally and Academically.” (Solution Tree Press, Oct. 2015). She is also the co-author of Developing Growth Mindsets in the Inspiring Classroom, Inspiring Learners Press (2011) and the Corwin Press books, Inspiring Secondary Learners (2007), Inspiring Elementary Learners, (2008,) Differentiating in the Real Classroom (2009), Winning Strategies for Test Taking (2009).  Kathleen is featured in the video, Differentiating Instruction in the Intermediate Grades, Bureau of Education and Research (BER), 2008.

Kathleen has a Masters Degree in Special Education, and a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education.  She has also done extensive training over the years with giants in the field on topics such as differentiated instruction, brain-based learning, cooperative learning, co-teaching, coaching, and content literacy. She has presented for school districts locally, nationally, and internationally for over 30 years on various educational and motivational topics.



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