Ep. 77: Dr. Mark Bertin - From Flux to Flow

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Jun 24 2019 41 mins   1

Life is complicated and we all are doing the best we can to manage its inherently challenging nature and predictably unpredictable flow. Developmental disorders like ADHD, and mental disorders like anxiety and depression, further exaggerate this uncertainty and creates a permanent state of flux.

On this episode, our guest, Dr. Mark Bertin, a developmental pediatrician and an author of multiple books, talks about best ways to understand ADHD and augment care through the lens of mindfulness. Such approach allows children and parents with ADHD to see things as they are; just with more clarity. ADHD and Executive Dysfunction are synonymous entities and the management approach leads to greater success if it is rooted in compassion and human wisdom. There cannot be a better guide to survival than that!

About Mark Bertin, M.D.
Dr. Bertin is a developmental pediatrician and author of How Children Thrive, Mindful Parenting for ADHD and The Family ADHD Solution, which integrate mindfulness into the rest of evidence-based pediatric care.  He is a contributing author for the book Teaching Mindfulness Skills to Kids and Teens.  Dr. Bertin is on faculty at New York Medical College and the Windward Teacher Training Institute, and on the advisory boards for the non-profits Common Sense Media and Reach Out and Read.  He is a regular contributor to Mindful Magazine, and his blog is available through Mindful.org and Psychology Today.  For more information, please visit his website at www.developmentaldoctor.com.

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