Ep. 93: Joan Green, SLP - Augmenting Life with Technology

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Oct 29 2019 44 mins   1

21st century living has put a strain on our brain’s capacity to plan for the future, process and retain information, and pursue the goals of a multifaceted life. And while moving through the highly-wired and totally connected world, one often wonders if we are truly benefitting from the advancements provided by the technology that has the potential to augment the brain’s limitations or are we being enslaved by it? Often the key is to take the time to assess and appropriate the use of technology to one’s own personal needs and then to develop the insight as well as the skills to avoid the built-in lure that pleases the thrill-seeking mind. With effective coaching and training, even those with executive function challenges can learn to augment their lives with a second brain.

On this episode, speech-language pathologist, author, and expert in assistive technology, Joan Greene, will discuss how to improve our relationship to technology while commanding it to serve our needs on a daily basis. Those who help others have no excuse but to up their technology game so that the brains that are wired with technology can fire together.

About Joan Green, SLP
Joan always has an eye out for affordable cutting-edge technologies to help others thrive in life. Her mission is to help young children, students and adults not only overcome communication, literacy, and cognitive challenges, but to maximize success and happiness.

For the past 30+ years, Joan has been providing forward-thinking speech therapy services to individuals of all ages who have a wide variety of speaking, understanding, reading, writing, learning and attention challenges. She received her undergraduate as well as graduate education at Northwestern University. After spending time working for others in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and home care, she formed Innovative Speech Therapy in the Washington, DC area in 1992, so that she could provide top quality rehabilitative and intervention services using her unique approach combining cutting-edge technology with individualized action plans. She continues to prioritize her own learning by attending and presenting at workshops and conferences, networking with colleagues, and exploring emerging technologies.

In addition to providing 1:1 therapy as well as and professional development and online webinars and courses, Joan has published 4 books. Her most recent bestselling publication was published in 2018 titled, Assistive Technology in Special Education, 3rd Edition: Resources to Support Literacy, Communication and Learning Differences.

She has received several awards for her unique approach to helping others and is actively involved with many local, online and international groups and associations. Joan is ASHA certified and licensed in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC. She was born and raised in Buffalo, NY and lives in Potomac, MD. She is the proud mother of 4 wonderful young adults and 2 dogs.



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