Ep. 89: Prof. Suniya Luthar - The Affluenza Tradeoff

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Oct 01 2019 54 mins   1

No one is spared from the drama and trauma of growing up, not even affluent kids. However, as hard as it is to imagine, the children of highly-educated parents with abundant material comforts and lifestyles of privilege have their own set of challenges, which surface in their own unique ways. They are growing up in highly-competitive environments with an immense pressure to excel, are frequently exposed to social comparisons, and have highly-driven and extremely busy parents who are not always available to relieve psychological distress or offer help.

On this episode, our guest Suniya S. Luthar, Foundation Professor of Psychology at Arizona State University and Professor Emerita at Columbia University’s Teachers College, dives deep into the challenges of growing up in affluence, being a widely stretched and stressed parent, and the best ways to build authentic connections that foster deeper understanding and promote the wellbeing of the whole child.

About Professor Suniya Luthar
Suniya S. Luthar is Foundation Professor of Psychology at Arizona State University, and Professor Emerita, Columbia University’s Teachers College.  Her research has involved understanding pathways to resilience in diverse populations, and developing interventions to address these.


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