Ep. 8: Dr. Bonnie Singer - Write to Finish!

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Aug 21 2017 37 mins   1

“For sale. Baby Shoes. Never worn.” These 6 words capture your attention, hook your emotions, and unleash your imagination. Apparently, legend has it that during an afternoon lunch with friends, Hemingway bet that he could write the shortest novel in six words. And he did. Whether Hemingway really wrote that or not, the hardest thing you’ll ever learn to do is write! As a successful author, Hemingway certainly had all the support he needed from his brain’s air-traffic controller, his Executive Function. Join me in listening to expert, Dr. Bonnie Singer, present a compelling perspective on writing as the highest form of Executive Function proficiency.

About Bonnie Singer, Ph.D.
Bonnie Singer, Ph.D. is the Founder/CEO of Architects For Learning, where she trains educators and consults with schools world-wide and she directs a staff in the Boston area that provides academic intervention, assessment, and consultation services. With expertise in language, literacy, and learning, she is passionate about working with students who struggle academically, especially with written expression. In her 30 years of clinical practice as a speech-language pathologist, she has worked with students of all ages, developing practical approaches to instruction that foster the development of listening, speaking, reading, writing, and executive function skills. In partnership with Dr. Anthony Bashir, she developed EmPOWER™, a method for teaching expository writing, and Brain Frames®, graphic scaffolds for language, literacy, teaching, and learning. Her research and publications focus on the relationship between spoken and written language, cognition, spatial processing, and self-regulated learning.


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