Ep. 10: Dr. Bonnie Singer - The Right Way to Write

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Aug 28 2017 34 mins   1

Since I read about Jeff Bezos’ email from June 9, 2004, I have concluded that my clients need my training to survive at Amazon!” Why?” you ask. Well, Bezos is demanding that his team use their Executive Function when making a pitch for a new idea. He wants everyone to move away from the simplistic bullet-point lists in PowerPoint presentations. Rather, he wants his employees to submit a 4-6 page "narrative" that he calls memos. Executive Function lets you orchestrate ideas into a complex sequence and then expand them into a cohesive form that we collectively call “impressive writing.”

In her second podcast appearance, my guest, Dr. Bonnie Singer, who is an expert in this and also happens to be a brilliant fellow Speech-Language Pathologist, will talk about teaching writing. Please give it a listen and share with all the parents you know.* This is Bonnie’s second podcast episode that discusses important techniques to improve the writing process with the lens of Executive Function.

About Bonnie Singer, Ph.D.
Bonnie Singer, Ph.D. is the Founder/CEO of Architects For Learning, where she trains educators and consults with schools world-wide and she directs a staff in the Boston area that provides academic intervention, assessment, and consultation services. With expertise in language, literacy, and learning, she is passionate about working with students who struggle academically, especially with written expression. In her 30 years of clinical practice as a speech-language pathologist, she has worked with students of all ages, developing practical approaches to instruction that foster the development of listening, speaking, reading, writing, and executive function skills. In partnership with Dr. Anthony Bashir, she developed EmPOWER™, a method for teaching expository writing, and Brain Frames®, graphic scaffolds for language, literacy, teaching, and learning. Her research and publications focus on the relationship between spoken and written language, cognition, spatial processing, and self-regulated learning.


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