Ep. 67: Rick Parente, Ph.D. - The Art and Science of Unlocking the Brain That Relearns

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Apr 13 2019 45 mins   1

The name Shepherd Ivory Franz won’t ring a bell for many, but he is a notable individual in the arena that is now known as neuropsychiatry and neuropsychology. Close to 100 years ago, he was testing the ability to relearn after performing an ablative brain surgery on cats that he had initially “taught”. This type of work and eventual application to the veterans who survived brain trauma provided Franz with early insights into neuroplasticity, which is the foundation of the current approach to cognitive retraining.

On this episode, Rick Parente, Emeritus Professor at Towson University in Baltimore and a celebrated expert in the field of cognitive retraining will discuss how targeted and specific interventions after a traumatic brain injury are more effective than comprehensive, but non-targeted ones. Because finding ways to help people to learn, remember, and think is as much an art as science, this discussion will lead us all to deploy careful scrutiny when assessing symptom presentation, functional needs, and perceived limitations of the brain.

About Rick Parente, Ph.D.
Rick Parente is an Emeritus Professor at Towson Univeristy in Baltimore.  He teaches courses on Neuropsychological Assessment and NeuroRehabilitation.  He has published over 75 journal articles and three books on NeuroRehabilitation. He is a Licensed Psychologist and Certified Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapist.


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