Ep. 48: Dr. Kathy Perez - Ladder to the Sky

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Jul 15 2018 37 mins   1

For a west Philadelphia high school dropout, Troy Carter has had an incredibly impressive career where as a talent scout, manager, and producer he has launched artists like Lady Gaga to fame. However, his creative entrepreneurship transcended industry silos as he has become first of his kind to be an angel investor in more that 100 Silicon Valley startups including Spotify. But as a child, Troy was so tiny that he would always be in the front and center in all school pictures while class giants would tower over him in the back. While kids were busy teasing him for his small stature, Troy’s 5th grade teacher Ms. Moore always addressed him as “big guy” making him feel like he was 6’5”. When asked about the confidence he brings to the boardroom as he sits among market-savvy and highly educated folks with mile-long credentials, Carter fondly gives all the credit his favorite teacher who made him feel not only that he belonged, but that he was special.

On this episode, Dr. Kathy Perez, a Professor Emerita at Saint Mary’s College of California, returns to talk about what it means to invest in every child and what the key ingredient is to empowering children to be their best. Dr. Perez’s personal love for children and teaching is quite inspirational.

About Dr. Kathy Perez
Dr. Kathy Perez, an international consultant, teacher, administrator and author has worked with students from preschoolers to university graduates. Dr. Kathy is currently a Professor Emerita at Saint Mary’s College of California. She has extensive teaching experience as a general and special educator, literacy/ESL coach, district administrator, site principal, and curriculum/staff development coordinator.

Her innovative and interactive workshops are loaded with teacher-tested materials and activities teachers can use immediately and share with others. Kathy provides a lively and informative day of hands-on and minds-on learning.

Dr. Kathy has worked extensively with teachers, administrators and parents throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Qatar, Brazil, Colombia, Caribbean, Africa, China, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Dr. Perez is the recipient of an International Rotary Fellowship and has been selected for The Reading Hall of Fame due to her commitment and passion for literacy and learning around the planet.


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