Ep. 33: ExFiles – No Comic Relief

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Feb 12 2018 37 mins   1

What’s the difference between blowing bubbles in the yard, watching a drunk shovel snow in a shopping cart, and listening to Rodney Dangerfield deliver a monologue? The first one is fun, the second one is funny, but only Rodney Dangerfield’s one-liners makes you laugh every time. It takes Executive Function skills such as adapting off-stage comedic talent to the stand-up comedy environment, restructuring the jokes, and adjusting your timing to succeed in the business of entertainment. But talented individuals with ADHD experience everyday chaos as their lives are riddled with a lot of mismanagement, impulsivity, and poor decision-making. This makes it difficult to let the talents be discovered or actualized. 

This episode, in a candid interview, my client, Karate (Kate) Wellington, talks about finding a home in comedy and entertainment and how her creativity has always managed to surface and give her hope in spite of the painful realization that ADHD is there to stay and Executive Dysfunction is a beast that needs to be tamed. See how Kate has come to acknowledge that the secret of finessing her progress as a comedian lies in mastering her Executive Function.

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