Ep. 15: Lynn Meltzer, Ph.D. - From Pimples to Projects: Taking Charge of HOW to Learn

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Oct 03 2017 47 mins   1

Pre-teen years are a breeding ground for pimples, mood swings, eye-rolls, and social awkwardness. But that’s not the only stuff these kids have to adjust to. There is a remarkable shift in academic demands that’s far out and equally daunting. During the Middle School years, kids have to actually learn how to study for tests, independently write papers by elaborating on ideas, and manage their priorities to put together projects. The system assumes that somehow these kids will learn to swim just because we have thrown them into the water of self-management. Lynn Meltzer, Ph.D., returns for the second time to discuss ways to teach these essential and intricate skills that go into managing goals and priorities to help support the development of Executive Function skills.

About Lynn Meltzer, Ph.D.
Lynn Meltzer, Ph.D. is the President and Director of Research at the Research Institute for Learning and Development (ResearchILD) and Director of Assessment at the Institute for Learning and Development (ILD) in Lexington, MA. She holds appointments as an Associate in Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and as an Adjunct Associate Professor at the Tufts University Department of Child Development. She is a fellow and Past-President of the prestigious International Academy for Research in Learning Disabilities. Her 35 years of assessment and clinical consultation with children, adolescents, and adults have emphasized the critical importance of the theory-to-practice cycle of knowledge.

Her research, publications, and presentations have focused on understanding the complexity of learning and attention problems using a multi-dimensional model to bridge the gap between theory, research, and practice. Her extensive publications and professional presentations include articles, chapters, and books relating to the assessment and treatment of learning difficulties with an emphasis on the importance of metacognition, strategy use, cognitive flexibility, self-concept, and resilience.



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