Ep. 109: Dr. Raun Melmed – A Prescription by Description

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May 05 2020 45 mins   1

Children are an enigma! Full of surprises and full of promise. However, one can be easily baffled when their boisterous high energy turns into an unmanageable rambunctiousness disrupting the household and relationships. Until recently, it was unconceivable for kids to have a mental disorder which made it hard to navigate the impact of various conditions on overall behaviors; particularly, maladaptive dysregulation.

On this episode, our guest, developmental and behavioral pediatrician and author, Dr. Raun D. Melmed, discusses the overlap and distinctions between the two most common and co-occurring developmental disabilities: Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Every child deserves the experts to use their discerning eye to evaluate critical factors in the child’s history and then arrive at the right diagnosis to formulate a plan that is likely to work.

About Dr. Raun Melmed
Raun D. Melmed, MD, FAAP, developmental and behavioral pediatrician, is director of the Melmed Center in Scottsdale, Arizona and co-founder and medical director of the Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center in Phoenix. He is Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Arizona and on faculty at Arizona State University.

Dr. Melmed is an investigator of novel therapeutic agents in the treatment of autism, Fragile X, Angelman’s disorder and ADHD and collaborates on studies of tools used in the early diagnosis of developmental disorders.

He is the author of Autism: Early Intervention; Autism and the Extended Family; and the ST4 Mindfulness Book for Kids series including Marvin’s Monster Diary – ADHD Attacks, Timmy’s Monster Diary: Screen Time Attacks!, Harriet’s Monster Diary – Awfully Anxious, Marvin’s Monster Diary 2 (+ Lyssa): ADHD Emotion Explosion (But I Triumph, Big Time), and soon to be released, Marvin’s Monster Diary 3: Trouble with Friends (But I Get By, Big Time!). )



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