Ep. 97: ExFiles – No More Square Peg in the Round Hole

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Dec 09 2019 41 mins   1

Violet is the first to admit that people like her, who themselves have ADHD, suffer from “foot in mouth disease”. Getting herself in a jam by blurting out things, starting things but not finishing, procrastinating, and allowing chaos to continue without intercepting it with some remedy were a few things that made Violet’s life with ADHD harder than it needed to be. Becoming a parent to two kids with ADHD at a time when neither she or husband were diagnosed yet was brutal. But this a story of Violet finding her footing in challenging circumstances where respite came when she began to rethink solutions by reframing the problem. As lawyer by training, Violet always knew how to advocate or make her case, but through therapy and our work together, Violet has learned the secret to building a team that makes anything in the world possible.

Join us to hear how a mom with ADHD champions harder than anyone in her life because she knows you cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear and you shouldn’t try to!

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