RANE Insights: 3 Business Safety and Security Tips

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Jul 22 2020 38 mins   87

In this podcast episode from the RANE Insight series, RANE”S Executive Director, of Expert Relations, Matt Boccia, speaks with Brian W. Lynch, a former FBI and Vanguard executive with leadership experience in security, risk, law enforcement, and anti-terrorism, and RANE’s new Executive Director of Safety and Security. They focus on key safety and security challenges facing organizations with a focus on the next 6-months:
1) Structural impacts of COVID such as potential continued work from home, eventual resumption of work travel and how all of that can be managed safely;
2) Employee health including mental health, physical health, and how organizations can look after their most important assets;
3) Workplace/employee safety which is continued need to be mindful of workplace violence and other workplace safety issues while assessing and understanding how these risks can evolve in the new COVID-adjusted environment.