40 — Devarim: R-r-r-recap!

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Jul 23 2020 49 mins   14

This week, we start the last book of the Torah, and realize the five books have names that are super focused on words. We also learn about the philosophy behind audio editing, compare the geology of the Middle East to the "middle west" of Wisconsin, and find the true meaning of family (it has to do with hair, and also I guess choice and love and stuff). Plus, some shenanigans with parallel structures in grammar, and measuring the appropriate sizes of beds.

Full transcript available here

Jaz referenced meeting their friend Nora, who came on the podcast for Episode 14 —Va'eira: Enough Frogs to Overwhelm Our Oppressors. Lulav mentioned a recap episode of Friends at the Table that summarized the events of the Autumn and Winter seasons in Hieron; that episode is Spring in Hieron 00: What Came Before, if you want to jump in.

Some Tisha B'Av events this year: 

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