Ep. #14 The Privilege Of Emotion

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Apr 22 2020 27 mins   1

In this episode we explore the Privilege Of Emotion.  Our emotional body is our internal navigation device where we can choose to detach from circumstance or story and be with what is, free of judgement. It is from this place where we can harness the super power of observing the emotions and expand our awareness of the truth of reality. In both desired and undesired situations, alcohol creates and false sense of reality, taking away to privilege that we have to seek and know the truth as fully present, emotional beings. As women, we are able to understand our world in a very intricate spectrum of emotion that can be so powerful, IF we allow them to be. To move through the process of quitting alcohol you must experience emotions as a gift to take care of yourself in light of any circumstance. This sets you up for great success in all of life. www.marywagstaffcoach.com