Ep. #11 Ditch The Vacation Mindset With Amber Stephens

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Apr 10 2020 51 mins   1

Amber Stephens courageously shares her story of shame, trauma and perseverance. How she thought drinking alcohol was the key to her hardcore,  badass self, only to end up right where she started every time. When she said ENOUGH and took her life into her own hands, digging deep into the divine feminine powers that live within, she was able to find, strengthen and now share, the power and privilege is it is to be Alcohol Free and live a life without excuses. If you, like many thing giving up alcohol is going to be a dull, boring existence, think again. Amber is a Public Speaking Mindset Coach and is helping women all over the world, make more money using their minds and unique self, by starting NOW. Find more about Amber: Website: amberjstephens.com

Facebook: facebook.com/miss.amberj

Instagram: @amberstephenslifecoach