TWiT 781: Slightly Firmer Denim Soft Serve - Xbox Game Pass, TikTok vs Quibi, The End of Intel

Jul 27 2020 143 mins   235
Microsoft focuses on games as a service with Xbox Game Pass Game console makers play chicken overpricing announcements What kind of person does Tik Tok think you are? Android 11 is red velvet cake Google's ATAP lab wants to bring you the smart home future Are we at the end of the Intel Era? Norsk Hydro and Garmin hit by a ransomware attack Building the Quantum Internet Woz sues YouTube over Bitcoin scam Garmin hit by a ransomware attack Tik Tok tries to stay alive G4 WTF Latest info about the Twitter breach We would pay for a Twitter subscription to be able to edit our Tweets Space Force is always above you Big Tech antitrust showdown with congress July 29 Herman Miller x Logitech = $1500 gaming chair US Army retreats from Twitch Crispr Cow is definitely a boy Streaming wars: Peacock vs Quibi vs Disney+ vs everybody else Host: Leo Laporte Guests: Ashley Esqueda, Harry McCracken, and Paul Thurrott Download or subscribe to this show at Sponsors: