EDSG Episode 36 - Swordmaster

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Jul 29 2020 62 mins   10

* A brief mention of listener metrics.

* Swordmasters!

* No lack of pop-culture references for Swordmasters

* But not Jedi

* Panache, style, presentation.

* Warriors versus Swordmasters

* Important Attributes: Charisma and Dexterity

* Combat as a dance

* Artisan Skills and Half-Magic

* Swordmaster schools and styles.

* Old dueling manuals.

* Princess Bride duel between Inigo and Westley.

* Jackie Chan versus Bruce Lee

* Not limited to swords!

* Combat Discipline Durability

* Novice Tier Discipline Talents

* Agility-style fighters, lack the endurance and resistance talents of the Warrior.

* Maneuver and a sidebar about numerical advantage

* Taunt: Penalize opponent to make it harder to hit the Swordmaster

* Balanced Social and Physical Defense bonuses.

* Riposte, one of the definitive Swordmaster talents.

* Avoid Blow OR Riposte

* Novice Tier Options

* Bladesman, Gallant, or balanced focus.

* Slightly more combat choices.

* Journeyman Tier abilities and talents

* Second Weapon, primary intended style.

* Journeyman Talent Options

* Slightly more social choices.

* No ranged attack options.

* Swordmasters using a shield.

* Novice versus Journeyman fighting styles.

* Defensive bonuses from magic items are important.

* Tend to be weak against spells and other Mystic Defense targeting effects.

* Swordmasters are great! Good mix of fighting and talking.

* Solid option if Troubadour is not as well suited to the campaign.

* Strong choice for new players.

* Iconic Discipline for a reason.

* FASA Games events and appearances.

* Last chance on the Empty Thrones Kickstarter!

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