41 — Va'etchanan: Attractive Heresies

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Jul 30 2020 52 mins   14

This week, there's an unusual amount of singing on the podcast as we receive some liturgy, we roll our eyes at Moshe's incessant complaining, and we learn that G-d requires monogamy from Their long-term partner to really wholeheartedly commit to Am Yisrael. Plus, things older than modern books and semi-heritable responsibilities!

Full transcript available here.

We mention different settings of the Shema in this week's episode. The one Lulav sings is the second in this list, which includes other beautiful/interesting versions to check out! The Wikipedia has a pretty good brief overview of saying "Never Again," and you can join the modern Never Again Action here.

Content Notes: very brief (4 sec) siren at 25:54. Also, non-graphic discussion of genocide from 43:00 to 47:41.

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