Episode 44 - Dawn of the Dead Remake 🅴

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Jul 28 2020 65 mins   1

On this week's episode, the guys go back to the mall and check a remake of an old classic: 2004's remake of Dawn of the Dead!

Pete explains that zombies can run now, and characters are more like set dressing in the modern horror genre. He also details a list of fun games you can play if you are trapped in a mall during an apocalypse (most include the murder of zombies!)

Kevin mourns the loss of internal logic in the types of movies, from sudden zombie manifestations, to character laziness, all the way to plot hooks being introduced at the last second that could have been useful earlier. He also endorses the many uses of propane and propane accessories (as explosive devices).

So grab a smoothie, buy some non-blood spattered clothes at the Gap, and get a ticket at the movie theater to see Dawn of the Dead (2004) with us. And remember, don't get too scared...