Geoholics Episode 046 - Elaine & Elly Ball 🅴

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Aug 02 2020 61 mins   5

Hiya Geoholics! What a way to celebrate the one year anniversary of the podcast! If you know Elaine and Elly Ball, you know they are a couple of cheeky monkeys. We had a bloody good old chinwag with the ladies that you’re not going to want to miss. Elaine and Elly talked about coming from a family of over-achievers, how they juggle all their passions, the challenges land surveyors face in the UK (same as everywhere else!), how Get Kids in Survey got started and how the GKIS “community” has changed the landscape of the surveying world. We also find out that the Sunday Roast is the only meal one needs to survive in the UK and Bob’s your uncle. The guys had to get up early for this one and were a little cream crackered as a result. Did we mention that we surpassed 15K listens?!?! Please continue to support our FOTP. Music for this episode by Pink Floyd!